Hello, my name is J.R.Sullivan. Ever since a kid I have been passionate about hunting. Growing up in the countryside with the woods behind our house, hunting had been our favorite pastime. My father and I would wake up before anyone else, pack our bags, and spend hours in the woods in complete silence, waiting for our prey. This was not only a hobby for us but a way of life and the number one way we bonded. Sitting in climbing treestands with nature surrounding us, I felt at peace.

With time my love for this sport only increased. Hunting has become ingrained in me. When I am not out in the wild hopping from one tree to another, I am learning more about treestands and all other types of hunting gear.

My love and passion for this sport led to the creation of this blog. The primary aim is to share my passion with all the other avid hunters and outdoor lovers out there and help the sport grow.

With my team of outdoor writers, I review various treestands and hunting gear on a daily basis based on my own personal experience and the experiences of my friends and colleagues. In addition to this, I also share the dos and don’ts for anyone who is new to this sport along with my own hunting stories. Thus, through this blog, you will be learning everything you need to know in order to be fully prepared before going out into the wild.

Although I consider myself an experienced hunter and a semi-professional writer, any confusion with J.R.Sullivan (writer at the Popular Mechanics) is purely incidental due to having similar names. 

We hope our stories, reviews, and suggestions prove to be helpful for you!