Pick The Best Mineral Block For Deer Hunting – A Pro Guide

Hunters have been using flashing hunting gear, corn, apples, and treats to lure deer. But do you know the most effective and healthy way to attract deer?

Add mineral blocks and salt licks that help with herd development, scouting, and most importantly, hunting. Plus, these supplements are not only meant to attract deer but to nourish them as well!

As humans, we like a variety of flavors, from sweet to extra salty. And when we crave both, we turn to beef jerky or salted caramel delights.

When it comes to deer, they have a natural and immense craving for salt. Pair salt with plenty of other minerals, and the deer will achieve optimum health!

That is why as a hunter, you must educate yourself about various minerals and salts that will keep the bucks healthy and your hunting season sparkling with success.

With mineral blocks, you can attract deer to your lands. Mineral blocks and salt licks are perfect for nourishing deer and the health of their herd because a healthy pack leads to breeding and harvesting meat.

The best salt block for deer will contain ingredients that are perfect for deer’s health.

Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the basics of mineral blocks and salt licks, along with the best mineral blocks and salt licks for deer available on the market.


Firstly, What is a Salt Lick?

When cattle and wild animals crave salt and essential minerals, they turn to nature.

In nature, the animals find salt lick, which is a place with plenty of salt deposits and a bunch of other essential minerals. These ‘salty sites’ satisfy the salt need of animals and help to nourish them.

Moreover, a salt lick is another name for mineral lick as it provides a variety of various minerals like phosphorus, zinc, sodium, iron, calcium, and trace elements to living beings.

According to scientists, wild animals and cattle have a natural ability to detect salt licks present miles and miles away from them. Researchers have found that early hunters used natural salt licks and drinking holes as hunting paths.

The mineral licks and water streams are also thought to have developed into trails and, ultimately, roadways for later generations of humans.


A salt lick comes in two types, natural salt lick and artificial salt lick;


1. Natural Salt Lick

Like its name, a natural salt lick is an organic product of nature. It isn’t treated and is free of any chemical additives. Hence, this lick is ultimately cost-effective and organic animal nutrition.

It supplies and nourishes animals with vital minerals, keeping them healthy and active.


2. Artificial Salt Lick

An artificial salt lick is commercially made by humans. The process is quite simple; hunters or farmers dig large and deep holes in the soil. Then, the holes are filled with sea salt mixture, which is later mixed with rainwater and ultimately absorbed by the earth.

The site then attracts the animals. Artificial salt licks are used for animal management and maintaining and attracting wildlife for various reasons, such as farming, observation, hunting, and photography.


How Many Deer Salt Licks Are Required?

In order to know how many deer salt lick are needed? Consider the following factors; the region of the hunting spot and the size of the hunting land you are exploring.

As per the general rule, about one location per 100 acres is sufficient and can effectively spread salt and mineral licks to the deer population.

Plus, a buck will have exposure to minerals with such a great spread, and the majority of the deer population will obtain the necessary nutrients for growth and breeding!

Remember that it is essential to develop mineral sites all year round instead of as a one-time occurrence. Deer will automatically come to the same areas as long as hunters keep providing them with tons of minerals in the same place.

Furthermore, maintaining mineral sites enable hunters to identify the areas to set up stands and shoot deer during the game. Therefore, check out these best salt blocks for deer if you wish to ace the hunting season.


The Best Salt Blocks For Deer


1. UMAID 6 lbs Himalayan Animal Lick Salt On Rope

UMAID 6 lbs Himalayan Animal Lick Salt On Rope



Umaid Himalayan Salt lick is the best salt block for deer. It is hundred percent natural and pure. Adding this to your cart will benefit you as a hunter and your animals.

It is an ideal and practical supply of the bio-energetic resources required for the proper development of animals. This salt block is easy to use and handle. Hunters can install this on any appropriate site.

Some benefits include reducing stressed behaviors while boosting milk output of your farm animals by around 5 to 15 percent .

In addition to strengthening the immune system, it also aids in the fight against diseases. It has a clean surface that guarantees safe licking pleasure.

The presence of eighty-four natural minerals and trace elements enable the smooth development of healthy fur in animals. The only con is that it is slightly expensive.



2.   Ipetboom Himalayan Animal Lick Salt On Rope

Ipetboom Himalayan Animal Lick Salt On Rope



This salt block for deer is considered one of the most cost-effective salt licks on the market. Unlike other salt licks, it can survive three times longer.

This salt lick assists in the improvement of the health of deer. It has a durable rope that is lengthy enough for handling and installation on-site.

Moreover, it consists of many essential minerals like Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium. All these minerals are vital for your buck’s health!

It is free of additives and stabilizers. However, the only con is that it can’t dissolve soon in rainy environments.



3. Himalayan Secrets Compressed Pink Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan Secrets Compressed Pink Himalayan Salt Animal Lick Block



This salt lick is perfect for wild animals like wild bucks and cattle. This salt lick is perfect for wild animals like wild bucks and cattle. Unlike regular salt licks, it is salt powder compressed into a block.

You can feed it to your cattle or leave it out for the deer.

Like others this salt lick comes from organic Himalayan sources; this source makes the salt lick brimming with vital nutrients that are highly beneficial for the health of the animals.

Good heart health, along with strong bones and muscles, is bound to be the advantage of these salt licks. It even helps in replacing the electrolytes in the deer!

Though, like others, it can easily dissolve in the rain.



Secondly, What is a Mineral Block?

Unlike a salt lick, mineral blocks are versatile in properties and contain several ingredients, such as minerals and vitamins, that are essential for the health of the herd.

The best part about mineral blocks is that a deer loves them! It is strange how a deer craves salt in large quantities, but it is natural, and you must heed it.

Now, most mineral blocks are manufactured and contain salt and added nutrients. These nutrients and minerals often include calcium and phosphorous, which support antler and bone development and health.

Other minerals include cobalt, copper, manganese, zinc, and magnesium. Apart from minerals, vitamins are also present, such as vitamins A, D, and E.

Mineral blocks also consist of sweeteners, flavors, and scents to attract deer. Like salt licks, most mineral blocks contain large quantities of salt that are important for deer health. Plus, they serves as a salty treat for the deer.

It is always best to pick mineral blocks instead of white salt. However, note that not every mineral block is created equally; most of these are manufactured and contain only a handful of minerals.

A perfect mineral block must hold a full spectrum of balanced nutrients to provide the deer with optimum growth and health.

Some Mineral blocks might even come with unnecessary or harmful fillers or ingredients. Therefore, Remember to check the elements when you select a mineral block. It needs to meet your expectations.

The best mineral blocks in the market provide a perfect blend of all the nutrients and minerals in balanced ratios.

Don’t forget to monitor the usage of mineral blocks in the area and see how often it is used. A deer might deliberately miss out on a block because of the lack of minerals they are seeking or palatability.


So, Which One to Use—Mineral Blocks or Salt Licks?

The choice is yours but using mineral blocks over salt licks depends on how you use it and how long you can use it. Deer crave salt in the summer and spring when many elements, such as minerals and water, are plentiful.

However, a deer won’t turn to crave salt during fall as much as in other seasons. Therefore, this is where a mineral block will come in handy as it consist of more elements apart from salt.

Hence, mineral blocks, unlike salt licks, can be used all year long.


But Why Do Hunters Use Mineral Blocks?

Mineral blocks have tons of uses and are sought out by hunters. Hunters use these blocks to manage and maintain herds on private lands.

Using these blocks will help round out a food plot. It is observed that when a deer herd finds plentiful food, treats, and nutrients all in one spot, they’re likely to return repeatedly.

They will return to that area for more; thus, hunters can secure kills! Plus, hunters can leave mineral blocks and use trail cameras to watch their herd’s habits and see where they are mostly found.

Moreover, the Mineral blocks are known to keep the pack healthy. The nutrients in the mineral blocks are beneficial for the animals and keep them strong.

Plus, it helps the Does get pregnant and give birth to healthy fawns. Additionally, mineral blocks help antler growth, making them big and beautiful.


So, When to Put Out Salt Blocks For Deer?

The ideal time to put out salt and mineral blocks is during early spring. As mentioned earlier, deer go out looking for salt in spring and summer, especially when water content and potassium are high in vegetation.

This time is perfect for setting out mineral blocks and attracting potential kills. Studies have shown that the best places to leave mineral blocks are near deer’s food plots or bedding areas.

You are bound to get lots of deer traffic in these areas; hence, use these spots to keep the deer and prepare for the hunt.

Another great place to keep the mineral blocks is near a major trail where the deer can exit or enter. Keep the block closer to the tree line to utilize the cover to your advantage.

Remember to use this year-to-year instead of a one-time thing as deer will feel at ease, knowing they are safe in the trees, and thus, they will visit the area repeatedly.


Check Out These Best Mineral Block for Deer


1. MONSTERMEAL MM Protein Block:




When it comes to covering all the areas, Monstermeal has it all. This mineral block contains large quantities of protein that are vital and great for the early season when the herd is looking for ways to stay strong for the upcoming rut.

Monstermeal consists of essential vitamins and minerals that are known to support antler growth and health, along with sweet molasses to attract the deer to the same spot.

This mineral block will have the deer coming back for more and more! It comes with a high-protein formula that promotes herd growth, health, and stability.

However, one of the disadvantages of this product is that it isn’t helpful for public-land hunters.

On that note, it is beneficial for private land hunters to maintain and monitor a herd. Use Monstermeal to turn little bucks into giant monsters!

The Monstermeal Protein Block comes with all the right ingredients detailed on the package, enabling hunters to know what they are getting into.

Lastly, despite its vast size, a 25-pound bag, Monstermeal comes at a reasonable price.



2. Mighty Deer Lick Sweet Apple Block

Mighty Deer Lick Sweet Apple Block



This mighty deer lick block is the best mineral block for whitetail deer. It consists of attractive elements created and sourced from the original Mighty Deer recipe.

Its lures deer with its pure fresh apple flavor. Its tantalizing natural apple aroma will attract any brooding whitetail in no time! Plus, it smells so fresh and delicious that even you might want to take a bite out of it!

It has all the vital vitamins and minerals to improve deer health and antler growth. It consists of a 1:1 calcium-to-phosphorus ratio to boost antler growth.

Once you set this mighty deer-lick sweet apple block down on your property, you will instantly see positive results. Deer will swiftly find it and will be back for more!

Once the block disappears, you can replace it with a new one and wait for the buck to arrive!



3. Ridley Monster Buck Mineral Block

Ridley Monster Buck Mineral Block



If you want one of the best mineral blocks for deer antler growth, check out Ridley Monster Buck mineral block!

It has been scientifically proven and balanced to increase deer’s natural diet by furnishing them with essential protein, vitamins, minerals, and an energy boost.

Plus, Ridley’s supplement formula includes all the elements that are essential for optimal growth, antler, and bone development, as well as reproduction.

When this block is placed in areas most visited by deer, namely rubs, trails, and watering spots, the bucks will develop a pattern of use.

Moreover, the consumption of this monster block will differ according to body weight and the number of deer in the herd.

The best part about this product is its lasting properties; it doesn’t dissolve in the rain and lasts longer than others. The only disadvantage is that it takes the deer a bit longer than usual to find this block.



4. Purina Quick Draw Deer Block

Purina Quick Draw Deer Block



This mineral block is one of the best to attract the herd. It is made with an irresistible scent and delicious flavors, such as corn and seeds, that keep the deer returning to it.

This deer block is long-lasting and weighs around 20 lbs. It has been field-tested and proven to produce positive results. The aroma will attract the deer, and its flavors will bring them back to the spot again and again.

However, be careful, as this product falls apart when exposed to even the slightest pressure. Another drawback of this mineral block is its price which is higher than other mineral blocks on the market.


Wrapping Up

As a hunter, it is always best to add mineral and salt blocks to your watering areas, trails, and food plots; doing so will prove to be a game-changer.

As a huntsman, you must provide nutrients, essential minerals, food, and water to maintain and establish a healthy herd. When you do so, the pack will take your property as their forever home and even bring more deer to your property. All of this works in your favor!

Check out the mineral blocks and salt licks mentioned above, and see the results yourself. It would surprise you to see how many big bucks you can attract with a bit of salt!