Climbing Tree Stand Stirrups – Why are they Important?

With the hunting season getting close, it is important that all the enthusiastic hunters, especially beginners that are preparing for their first hunting trip, ensure that they have all the necessary gear required for a safe and successful hunt.

Most hunters these days use climbing tree stands as they are not only portable but also lightweight and convenient. They allow you to leave the cumbersome climbing sticks and ladders home.

However, despite being an essential part of your gear, they are extremely dangerous and can put your life at great risk.

This is primarily due to the fact that hunters using a climbing tree stand hang about 17-20 feet above the ground for hours. Slight negligence can result in a terrible fall, causing serious injuries.

According to the statistics, almost one out of three treestand users suffer from a fall. Therefore, it is important that you take the necessary precautions for your safety and well-being.

Climbing Tree Stand Stirrups

An integral part of your safety gear is the tree stand stirrups that are usually attached to your climbing treestand. Made up of metals like aluminum and iron, stirrups are ring-shaped frames that are used to hold the feet of the hunter.

They are essential for your safety as they provide support and make sure that your feet do not slide out and hang in the air, causing you to lose your balance and fall.

With tree stands being elevated at a height of more than fifteen feet, the fall can be extremely dangerous and can even cause death. Thus, always make sure your tree stands have stirrups.

If you are on a tight budget and feel that climbing tree stands with iron or aluminum stirrups is too expensive, look for cheaper and more affordable options, but do not ever compromise on safety for a lower price.

Climbing Tree Stands with stirrups made up of inexpensive metals like nickel and metallic alloys can prove to be more affordable. However, it is highly recommended that you go with iron or aluminum stirrups.

Climbing Tree Stand Foot Stirrups



What to look for in Climbing Tree Stand Foot Stirrups?

There are a plethora of tree stand stirrups available in the market. Each is of a different shape and size.

However, in order to purchase the most ideal tree stand stirrup that is not only comfortable but also sturdy and reliable, there are a number of important factors that we must consider before making our choice.

The first and foremost factor is that the stirrups should be firm enough to strongly grip your feet. This will help you in maintaining your balance and prevent your feet from slipping off the stand.

Moreover, hunters are required to spend hours sitting inside a climbing tree stand. Therefore, it is essential that the stirrups have an ergonomic design. This will guarantee comfort and greater efficiency.

In addition to this, choose stirrups that generate less noise as a result of movement and metal clinking together. This is because noise can alert your prey and we do not want this for a successful hunt as this increases the chance of the prey spotting you.

Should you wear a Treestand Harness along with Tree Stand Stirrups?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert hunter, climbing tree stand harnesses are a must. They are like life jackets for hunters. They are an essential part of your safety gear as they reduce the impact in case of a fall and protect you from serious and fatal injuries.

Statistics show that more hunters lose their lives by falling from tree stands than in accidents involving guns and animals. Hence, wear your harness at all times while you are high up in the sky, on your climbing a tree stand.

Tree stand Stirrups, on the other hand, support your body weight and ensures that you do not lose balance due to gravity. The stirrups are like a saddle, firmly gripping your feet.

Therefore, both, stirrups and harnesses, are equally important and have key roles in ensuring your safety. Absence of either one of them can put your life at risk.

Which Tree Stand Stirrups are the Best?

The most reliable and efficient Climbing Treestand Stirrups available in the market are the Summit Rapid Climbing Treestand Stirrups.

Summit Treestands is a leading brand for hunting gear and its stirrups are no exception. They have an extremely creative design that fits any boot size and is also ergonomic, allowing users to sit in the tree stand for hours, without feeling any discomfort.

In addition to this, these stirrups not only grip your feet firmly but also ensures that your feet remain fixed to the platform and do not swing. As a result, the balance is maintained and the risk of falling or slipping off the tree stand is greatly reduced.

The Rapid Stirrups are also extremely convenient and easy to wear. Unlike shoe straps, you do not need to tie them or tighten them for a firm grip.

You are only required to first place your heel, pull back the straps and simply push your feet in. Moreover, you are not required to bend for this.

However, the only downside to these is that they are not compatible with all non-Summit Treestands, especially Lone Wolf Tree Stands.

The support bar in Lone Wolf Treestands is located at a different angle, making it difficult for the Stirrups to perform their function effectively. Therefore, it is advised that you purchase these stirrups only if you are using Summit Treestands.


Climbing Tree Stand Stirrups are an essential part of your hunting gear. When using climbing tree stands, it is a must that you use stirrups.

Although they might seem insignificant, they are as important as a Tree stand Harness for your safety as they support your feet against gravity and make sure that you do not lose your balance.

The ideal stirrups are the ones that not only guarantee safety but also comfort. Therefore, choose stirrups that have an ergonomic design and allow you to sit on the treestand for hours without discomfort.

In our opinion, the best ones available in the market are Summit Rapid Climbing Treestand Stirrups. Although designed with Summit Treestands in mind, these stirrups are extremely versatile, reliable, and convenient.