Hy Tek Tree Stands – Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered how convenient it would be to reach the top of the tree without actually climbing it or making any effort? Seems like a distant dream, right? Well, you would be amazed to know that the Hy Tek tree stands company has made this dream of many a reality. With its unique and innovative approach, the company has designed a motorized climbing treestand that exactly lets you do that.

HyTek Hunting HT-1 eStand

Hy Tek’s electronic treestands enable hunters to automatically climb up and down the trees with just one button push. The company has become the epitome of “where elevator meets treestand.”

However, on the flip side, these treestands are not as awesome as they may sound; The Hy Tek electronic treestands are designed and best suited for hunters with reduced mobility who can not enjoy the joy of hunting the same way as other hunters who don’t have such limitations can. That said, it does not mean that the physically fit hunters can’t use these e-treestands; these Hy Tek tree stands are for everyone who prefers convenience over portability.

Due to their excessive weight, these e-stands are not very portable. However, they come with two wheels, making their movement easy on the hunters, who can roll them on the ground instead of carrying them on their backs, and this is what makes them an unappealing choice for many hunters out there who would prefer to go with a lighter aluminum treestand they could easily carry on their backs.

HyTek hunting e-stands are perfectly designed to meet the current industry’s standards, enabling hunters to hunt from the tree tops without much exertion. These new revolutionary tree stands are built from quality grade materials and consist of innovatively designed components that are easy to assemble and set up. One person can easily set up these Hy Tek’s e-stand in under 15-25 minutes.

The stand overall weighs around 200 lbs; the e-stand itself weighs 100 lbs, the e-drive weighs 40 lbs, and the rail system weighs about 60 lbs. Even though the stand is quite heavy, it is still portable due to its wheels.

Though the maximum weight-bearing capacity of the stand is 350 lbs, it is tried and tested to hold up to 700 lbs of weight without failing, which makes it a very safe and reliable treestand.


  • Ease of use
  • Suitable for people with limited mobility
  • Can hold up to 700lbs of weight
  • Super safe and reliable
  • Easy assembling
  • Innovative features
  • One person can easily set it up
  • Expensive
  • Recommended to use on a straight tree
  • Currently not being sold


Hy Tek Tree Stands – A Brief History

The HT-1 e-stand was first revealed as a prototype in 2011 by the Hy Tek Hunting Company, which Mr. Todd Brown owns. After being tested in the field for years and turning into a safe, intelligent, and reliable treestand, the Hy Tek e-stand was officially launched via a Kickstarter Campaign on April 1st, 2021.

With its design patent still pending, the company released a press statement on April 13th, 2021, claiming that they are putting a hold on the launch until they figure out an affordable price for everyone, as this stand is built with expensive high-quality materials for ensuring durability and convenience for its users.

The Hy Tek Hunting Company is facing two challenges in your launch, first, setting a reasonable price for their e-stand, and second, how to ensure timely deliveries by keeping a check on the long manufacturing and quality testing period of the treestands.

Hytek Hunting Treestand Features

The hytek hunting HT-1 e stand comes with two 15ft long poles. Upon assembly, one pole can easily be slid into the other and screwed up on both sides. Once the poles are assembled, they can easily be fixed to the tree using the ratchet straps and the lifeline rope attached to the rail. The lifeline rope restricts the treestand from toppling over.

Hy Tek’s e-stand is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, making it extremely reliable, portable, and a quiet treestand. Moreover, it can easily be operated with a wireless remote or a push button as a 24-volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers it. In rare scenarios where the hunter slips off the platform, this e-stand can easily be lowered to the ground using the remote control.

Each power charge lasts up to 15 Up/Down cycles. If the battery dies down between the hunting session, a manual hand crank is available on the stand as a backup.

This e-stand also offers three different speeds for ascending/descending, which are controlled with the remote; high speed is 60 seconds, medium speed is 90 seconds, and lowest speed is 120 seconds.

Hytek hunting tree stands are tested and approved by the Treestand Manufacturer’s Association, a non-profit organization promoting treestands safety as safe and durable treestands.

Hy Tek Launch Campaign – A Complete Faliure

One thing the hunting community didn’t appreciate about the Hy Tek company was how the management ran its marketing campaigns. The company tried to promote its product on various online hunting forums using fake identities. It was a complete marketing failure as it didn’t go well with the company’s audience.

Hy Tek Tree Stands Price

The Hytek hunting tree stands cost a fortune when soft-launched in 2012. The exorbitant price of the e-stand is one of the reasons why the company hasn’t officially released the product on the market yet. The company intends to make it’s e-stand affordable to buyers while maintaining its premium quality.

Are Hy Tek Tree Stands for Sale?

The sale of Hy Tek Tree Stands is on hold as the company has yet to officially launch its e-stand on the market; however, you can sign up on the company’s website to be notified about the new updates and product releases.


Final Thoughts

The Hy Tek tree stands are an amalgamation of high-quality materials and innovative features. No other company in the market offers treestands like Hey Tek that can automatically climb up and down the tree with just one button push. And this is what makes them different and unique from others. However, this level of convenience comes at a price. That price is the excess weight this treestand carries and the portability issue it causes.

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