North Star Tree Stands – All You Need To Know

Treestands are gradually becoming essential hunting equipment for hunters. They make the overall hunting experience convenient and joyful for the hunters. However, if not used with proper care, they can cause severe accidents and prove to be fatal.

North Star Tree Stands – A Brief Introduction

North Star Tree Stands Incorporation was based out of Hillsdale, Michigan, and operated and ran by its owner and president, Mr. Bill Goodwin. Bill designed most of the north star tree stands himself and guaranteed the superior quality of his products.

Bill claimed that his company makes such durable stands that they can bear double the maximum weight-bearing capacity mentioned on the product packages. According to him, North star tree stands were flawless as they were quality-checked and approved by the TMA – Treestand Manufacturing Association.

The North Star climbing tree stands came with a Rubber Belt System instead of a Cable or Chain Tree-Gripper System that other brands offered. The rubber belt goes around the tree trunk and connects and secures the platform with the tree.

The gripper belt system was better and more durable than the cable or chain system. However, it had one major drawback. The belt would cause the treestand’s v-shaped platform to bend if not appropriately aligned or angled correctly with the platform.

It would place immense pressure on the treestand platform, causing it to bend or even break. That is why it was essential for the hunters to correctly align the rubber belt with the platform as they climbed the tree.

Issues with North Star Tree Stands

The north star tree stands went out of business in 2006; therefore, these treestands are no longer available for sale on the market. However, if you still want to get your hands on a north star tree stand, you can buy a used one from a local archery store or online if somebody is selling theirs.

The primary issue with the company was not the products’ quality but the poor customer service it provided to the customers. The company would never answer its customers’ phone calls or reply to their emails.

Whenever there were replacement claims about faulty or damaged parts, the company would blame the customers, emphasizing that the customers might have misused the product rather than honoring the claims.

Rejecting the customer claims was the company’s go-to response instead of accepting the reality that the fault might also be at their end.

There is no authentic information about why the company collapsed and what was the actual reason behind its downfall. But one thing is sure: the company went out of business in 2006. 

It is widely believed that poor customer service was the leading cause of the company’s failure. A few enraged customers openly campaigned against the company’s poor customer service and its owner’s unprofessional behavior.

The word got out within the hunting community in no time, encouraging many hunters to stop buying their products, eventually leading to its failure.

North Starr Tree Stands Portfolio

The following were the North Starr Company’s most renowned treestands;

  1. Travelling Starr Ladder Stand
  2. Arrow Starr Climbing Stand
  3. Tree Cat Archer Climbing Stand
  4. Southern Starr Climbing Stand
  5. Shooting Starr Ladder Stand
  6. Steel Starr Hang On Stand


North Star Climbing Tree Stands

The Arrow Starr and the Tree Cat Archer were the company’s two best-selling climbing tree stands.

1. Arrow Starr Climbing Tree Stand

Arrow Starr tree stand is easy to use and master, requiring only a minimal effort from the hunters to climb up and down the tree; this aluminum welded treestand is comfortable and sturdy, weighing less than 20lbs, it can easily lift up to 300lbs of weight.


Arrow Starr climbing tree stand is not only lightweight but also very durable and, most importantly, a quiet treestand. Even packing the treestand is very simple. It easily folds flat and can conveniently be worn at the back using shoulder straps.


Arrow Starr comes with two adjustable nylon straps that lock the bottom part of the treestand with the seat platform so that it does not topple over. In addition, it has a foldable waterproof seat that makes it very convenient for the hunters to turn it over and allow them to stand on the platform easily.

Arrow Starr also has fast lynch-style safety pins that adjust the stand to the trees of various sizes. Setting up the treestand is easy and noiseless with these pins.

First, the pins are removed from both sides of the platform. Once the pins are removed, the steel biter rod is pulled out from the stand; it is rolled around the tree, inserted back into the angled brace, and then secured by putting the pins back in. 

Both the Feet and Seat Platforms of this treestand have sharp-biting claws dug deep into the trees, ensuring the sturdiness of the stand and its users’ safety.

The drawbacks of this treestand are that the ratchet straps that come with it make noise and that the seat strap buckles on it are susceptible to losing their grip.


Optional Accessories Offered with Arrow Starr Climbing Tree Stand

  • Footrest
  • Camo covers
  • Bow holder
  • Seat cover, Backrest cover, Armrest cover


A full-body safety harness is essential for tree stand climbing and should always be worn to avoid unfortunate events. And this is where the Arrow Starr treestand used to come in handy.

The company offered a free standard-sized TMA-approved safety harness with every new purchase of their treestand, which the hunters had to buy separately.


  • Lightweight (Weighs 16lbs)
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble and pack
  • Easy to carry
  • Creeks at times
  • Cables are noisy
  • Poor customer service



2. Tree Cat Archer Climber Stand 

The Tree Cat Archer was a lightweight, rugged and comfortable treestand. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, it was one of the few treestands available on the market, capable of climbing trees with diameters ranging from 6″ to 22″ inches. Weighing just under 19 lbs, the Tree Cat Archer has an extensive base and a 22″ wide waterproof foldable seat.


One unique feature of this treestand is that it does not require any bolts or pins for the installation. This stand is a single unit with its bottom part permanently attached to the seat platform. It can be folded flat within seconds, making it super easy for the hunters to pack and carry it to a new place.


Moreover, the Tree Cat Archer comes with padded backpack straps, chest connectors, and a free standard size TMA-approved safety harness. 

Optional Accessories Offered with Tree Cat Archer:

  1. Bow Holder
  2. Foot Rest
  3. Shooting Rail


Final Thoughts

North Star Tree stands made great quality treestands. Even though the company went out of business in 2006, many hunters still use these treestands even to this date. The problem with North Starr was never its product’s quality but the poor customer service it provided to the customers, which eventually led to the company’s demise.

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