The Best Tree Saddles on the Market in 2023 – Hunt Like a Pro

Imagine you are out in the woods, hoping to hunt some wide-eyed white tail. It’s cold midday, and you don’t find yourself too lucky. Suddenly, there’s one buck peeking out of the shrubs. 

But here’s the thing, it’s on the opposite edge of the tree. You probably want to wait it out. But hold up! It will come in handy if you have a tree saddle with you!

Simply use your tree saddle to swing 180 degrees to the opposite side of the tree, and there it is, an unsuspecting buck. Shoot! 

Hunting saddles have become quite notorious these days. If you are a huntsman looking for quick swings, stealth shots, and a comfortable hunting day, tree saddle is your best ride! 

Tree saddles are considered one of the best hunting gear to have in 2023. They are affordable and perfect for archers and riflemen. 

Latitude Outdoors Method 2-Ultra

Hawk Helium Hammock

Lucky Clover Tree Saddle


All You Need to Know About Tree Saddles

Firstly, what exactly is saddle hunting? It is a method, an effective medium, of deer hunting from an elevated position — for example, a tree. 

Using a tree hunting saddle, you can move freely around the tree and adjust your spot according to the kill. It comes with a lineman’s belt or rock climbing harness, which is clipped to the hunter to secure anchor once desired height is achieved. 

Despite being around for thirty years, it is only now that this excellent hunting gear is becoming incredibly popular among hunters. Due to its versatile functionality, it has boosted hunting culture and provided hunters with tags in nearly every season. 


Tree Stand vs. Tree Saddle – Which One Is Better?

Treestand, like tree saddle, has taken the hunting culture by storm. However, if you need help deciding which one to use, here are some reasons to help hunters like you choose a tree saddle over a treestand.

Not being biased here, but a tree saddle has the kind of movement that isn’t native to a tree stand. For example, if you are out looking for a game on public or private grounds, you should move around a lot. In such cases, nothing beats a tree saddle! 

It is lightweight and far easier to pack and carry than a treestand. Plus, once you find a preferable location, a tree saddle is far easier, quicker, and quieter to set up than a treestand. As for a treestand, even the lightest one on the market is far heavier and bulkier! 

It might stall your progress on active hunting grounds. Now that sounds like it could be better if you want to catch some buck!

Unlike the uncomfortable treestand, the tree saddle makes it a more leisurely journey through the woodlands. Loop a rope around the tree and clip in. No unnecessary noise that might scare away the game. 

The best part? Tree Saddle can be clipped on any tree. For a treestand, you would need a sturdy tree to support your weight, equipment, and much more.

But for a saddle? Any tree would do, and it would allow far more swivel, swinging, and pivot. Shoot however you are, whenever you like, in any position, and at any angle! 


The Best Tree Saddle For Hunting – Our Top Picks

The best part about getting a tree saddle is its price. A variety of budget tree saddles are available in the market! For example, the Hawk Helium Hammock Tree Saddle. It’s competitively priced and one of the best budget tree saddles out there. 

It comes with an additional kit for support and is available in two styles; the Helium HSP Platform and the Helium Hammock Apex Platform.

If you are a big guy who is looking for the best budget tree saddle, then consider checking out any of these:


1. Latitude Outdoors Method 2-Ultra

Latitude Outdoors Method 2-Ultra



This tree saddle comes with a two-panel saddle design, enabling hunters to enjoy smooth maneuverability and versatility in buck hunting. It’s specially designed and manufactured for hunters with a waist size of 37 inches or larger. Plus, this model is an upgrade from the previous one. Hence, it’s far more comfortable!



It comes with a two-panel adjustability, ample weight distribution, a free-floating belt, fade loops, and so much more!


  • It’s perfect for big guys. It allows silent hunting sessions. Above all, It comes with a metal-free design enabling hunters to adjust as they hunt!
  • Surprisingly, the dynamics of this tree saddle make little room for cons. It might be a little unsafe for inexperienced hunters, but otherwise, it’s the best!



2. Hawk Helium Hammock

Hawk Helium Hammock



Hawk Helium Hammock enables you to imitate nature by disguising yourself in the woods. You can enjoy sheath hunting with this camouflage tree saddle! It is perfect for games that require extra cover and comfort. Unlike other saddles that may get a little “pinchy” for hunters, this model is super comfortable and easy to use.



You can customize features to your preference and enjoy extra accessories. It’s easy to adjust with extra hoops, a removable padded seat, a reclining belt, and bags. Metal-free body. Extra roll pouches and back bands for maximum support.


  • The best part about this product is its customizable features and extra packable gear.
  • It might be a little pricey, but otherwise, it is renowned for its multi-generational seamstress mastering in comfort, safety, and so much more.




3. Lucky Clover Lightweight Tree Saddle

Lucky Clover Lightweight Tree Saddle



Popular among buck hunters. This product has immense stability, an adjustable body, ease of use, leg straps, a waist bucket, and comfort options! It comes with extra hoops and lining. Lucky Clover Lightweight Tree Saddle is a must-have for hunting!



Versatility, Metal free body, leg straps for extra comfort, adjustable rolls, customizable options.


  • Perfect for buck hunters who want to carry extra weight. It comes with ample adjustable features and accessories.
  • It isn’t one size fits all. Therefore, hunters must check the sizes before buying it.



All of these are some of the best hunting saddles for big guys. Their durability, versatility, price, and variety make them immensely popular among hunters.


6 Extraordinary Benefits of a Tree Saddle

The benefits of a tree saddle are ample! Some of these include: 


1. Tree Saddle Has The Ability to Gain More Kills!

Tree Saddle makes it much easier to tether to a tree and swing into a shooting position without any obstacles. Its versatility enables hunters to swing behind the tree or to the front within minutes, without a sound, and claim a hit before startling the deer. Plus, tree saddles are far safer than tree stands and other platforms.

Many trophy hunters have used tree saddles to secure far more bucks than any other tree stand. All you have to do is pick a tree, clip in your tree saddle, swing around 180 or 120, and shoot however you like without giving your spot or reaction time to the deer.

The best part? Tree saddles leave no blind spots; every direction is accessible, making it easier for hunters to get into position and shoot! 


2. Tree Saddles Are Far More Versatile Than Treestands

As mentioned earlier, tree saddles are all about versatility. To secure shoots, some hunters have gone through costly methods to ensure various tree stands on three to four trees. There are so many flaws to this method. Cost is the first reason! Safety and time are the second.

However, a single tree saddle can change the game. Pick one tree saddle, and it will work on dozens of trees. You can prepare your trees during off-seasons and enjoy the fruit of your labor during the season! Tree saddles are cost-effective and provide one with several spots to hunt.


3. You Can Use a Tree Saddle For Any Tree 

Not every tree works for a tree stand. As aforementioned, a sturdy tree is required if you want to ensure your safety. However, with a tree saddle, it doesn’t matter if a tree is too crooked or overflowing with too many branches. 

It doesn’t matter if the tree is way too large in diameter, for tree saddle makes it easier and more accessible to hunt from any tree. So, if you come across a potential kill and you are surrounded by crooked trees, think no thoughts. T

here isn’t going to be any obstacle between you and your game. Pick a tree, climb up with a tree saddle and get shooting! Bet it’s different for a tree stand user. 


4. Your Tree Saddle Can Become The Best Hiding Spot 

The benefits of a tree saddle are so many. One of the best ones is the increase in hiding spots. See, as a hunter, you may be aware of the speedy hearing of a buck. 

It doesn’t matter if the buck is young or old; it’s going to hear you move even before the movement registers in your mind. That’s how sneaky these bucks are. 

And the slightest noise is going to send these bucks running. To tackle this problem, use a tree saddle. Your odds of being busted by a deer are significantly reduced! 

Simply, use a tree in front of you to erase your outline and draw your shot before the buck can even spot you!  

Plus, it’s quieter than any treestand, making it easier for you to land a kill before the buck reacts. This is because a tree saddle is made up of cloth. 

The metal body of a tree stand is bound to creak and give away your hiding spot but a cloth-made saddle? Not a chance! Slip in and out of the woods swiftly, and not a single buck is going to suspect the impending doom! 


5. Tree Saddle Increases Your Height to Cover More Ground! 

There are no limits to hunting with a tree saddle. Hunt as high as you like. Be it a nosebleed section or a lower one, increase your vision and range via a tree saddle. 

Plus, a tree saddle is safe, making it easier to hunt from a tree that is higher than your fifteen-foot ladder. Let no tree intimidate you. Plus, high up on the tree, say twenty-five feet high, reduces your chances of getting busted by a deer. The sky is the limit! 


6. Tree Saddle is Lighter Than Any TreeStand! 

Go off the beaten path and hunt down any buck you like because the lightweight tree saddle will make the hunting season as more accessible for you as anything. 

It is the best pick for 2023, suitable for all kinds of hunters and weather conditions. Even the lightest of bark can support a tree saddle, a feature absent when you use a tree stand. 

Enjoy the lightweight of a tree saddle as it is easy to pack, and handle and the best choice for any hunter who wishes to swing, lean, mean, and shoot. 


Wrapping Up: 

In the era of competition, upgrade your hunting game with tree saddles. Their lightweight, variety, stealth features, and numerous benefits make them perfect for hunters who wish to move around and hunt all day. 

Plus, unlike tree stands and other methods, a tree saddle can take you from one position to another without stalling your progress. 

Remember, it is essential to practice at home before taking on more considerable challenges in the wild. Even though a tree saddle is the safest option out there, it is best to be careful. 

Pick an elevated position near your place and start low and slow. Once you are ready, take on any kind of tree and bucks you like. Happy hunting season, partner! Good Luck.

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