What Happened To Loggy Bayou Tree Stand? All You Need To Know

Loggy Bayou Tree Stand, as the name suggests, was a manufacturer of tree stands that were widely popular among the hunting community in the late 80s and 90s.

Deer stands are generally a hunter’s best buddy; they make chasing the target easy and comfortable as they provide a stable platform high up on a tree from which a hunter can easily target its prey while remaining unseen.

What Happened to Loggy Bayou Tree Stands?

Loggy Bayou tree stand company first came into being in the 80s; however, by the late 90s, the company was forced to shut down under court orders due to a serious design defect in its old v-bar tree climbers, which caused serious injuries to the users.

These stands were made out of plastic and designed by the owner, who only had 5th-grade education and no experience in structural engineering.

The lawsuit drained the company’s cash and forced its founder to sell it. The new owner had no special interest in hunting, so he squeezed whatever he could from the company and sold it to somebody else.

The third and the last owner of Loggy Bayou Company were extremely passionate about hunting. They tried to keep the company alive in every possible way they could. 

The demand for Loggy Bayou’s tree stands was still there, but the owners didn’t have enough funds to keep the company’s operations running. They took Bank loans and finances from their other businesses and even utilized their savings to launch new models and keep the company’s name alive.

However, nothing they did work out for them; the sales gradually dropped, eventually forcing the company to shut down permanently.

Loggy Bayou Tree Stand

Loggy Bayou Climbing Tree Stands came in different designs and sizes, with each new model taller than the previous one.

Though these stands are no longer available in the market, we have created a curated list with specifications of the five best Loggy Bayou tree stands you might find in the second-hand goods market.

Following are the five best Loggy Bayou Tree Stands.

  1. Predator
  2. Brush Ladder 15ft stand
  3. Brush Ladder 18ft stand
  4. 21ft Bowhunter ladder
  5. Stalker – XL climber


1. Predator Loggy Bayou Climbing Tree Stand 

Extremely lightweight, strong, and compact, this aluminum stand having all the features of the larger stands in a fraction of the size, is surely a steal. 

Loggy Bayou’s Predator is the best option for beginners as it is easy to set up, pack, and carry. It has a big platform, spacious foot space, and a Stabilizing Equalizer system that helps maintain the balance on the stand.

Loggy Bayou Predator Tree Stand

Moreover, Predator can easily be attached to the trees. The best part about this stand is its comfort as it comes with a thick padded seat that does not make your tighs sore after prolonged sitting. 

It also comes with a full-body safety harness to ensure its users’ safety. However, the strap around the tree trunk bends after a few climbs, making it difficult to adjust.

  • Light as a feather
  • Great price
  • Comfortable seat
  • Simple to set up and easy to use
  • Spacious platform
  • Slippery on frosty mornings
  • Not safe in cold/wet conditions
  • It does not bite strong enough into a tree for a more secure attachment


2. Loggy Bayou 15ft Brush Ladder Stand

This 15ft long, 33 lbs. ladder stand is lightweight, stable, easy to carry, and quick to set up. The ladder is only 12″ wide, which hides well in the tree’s shadow and allows the cover to the hunter from its prey.

Loggy Bayou 15ft Ladder Stand

However, since the ladder is too narrow, one can’t keep both feet on the same ladder bar together as it might cause inconvenience. Furthermore, it has a sling-style net seat that does not allow you to sit straight for more than 3-5 hours. 

This model also comes with a Gator-claw tree attachment system and secure locking pins, offering more strength and durability to the stand.

  • Easy to set-up
  • Easy to pack and carry
  • Ladder hides well in the tree shadow
  • Not spacious


3. Loggy Bayou 18ft Brush Ladder Stand

They say the sky’s the limit with the 18ft Loggy Bayou Ladder stand. This tough, 38 lbs. lightweight stand provides its users the necessary stability. It comes with a ladder that is only 10 inches wide, making it difficult to climb for its users.

The feet platform on this stand is also small, which causes inconvenience for the hunters to aim at their target with ease.

Loggy Bayou 18ft Ladder Stand

This particular model of Loggy Bayou’s Ladder Stand is not easy to set up; it takes time and a little safety risk to set it up, as the ladder’s length is too long, and the user must first climb the wobbly ladder to the top before the connection with the tree could be secured with the straps.

  • Tall for clear vision
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry
  • Instructions are a bit misleading
  • Not easy to set-up
  • Not spacious


4. 21ft Bowhunter Ladder Tree Stand

The higher a hunter goes up in the trees, the higher the chances of his successful hunt. This 21 ft tall and strong bowhunter ladder stand enables a hunter to aim without getting detected by the prey conveniently.

Loggy Bayou 21 ft Bowhunter Ladder Stand

This Loggy Bayou’s bowhunter ladder is weather resistant and made of round steel pipes. It has an E-Z snap locking system for easy, safe, and secure assembly. Weighing 65 lbs, it offers a spacious platform and a comfortable seat.

  • Strong and sturdy
  • Provides good cover to the hunters
  • The instruction manual is not helpful
  • Not easy to set-up
  • Heavy


5. Loggy Bayou Tree Stand Climber Stalker XL   

The Loggy Bayou Tree Stand Climber Stalker XL  is built specifically for the hunters on the move; this ultra-lightweight climber folds flat into a backpack-style shape which is super easy to pack, carry and move to the next spot.

Loggy Bayou Stalker XL Climber

It has a Shur-Lock cable system that ensures a secure connection with the tree and a noiseless climb.


  • Lightweight
  • Super easy to carry
  • Folds into a backpack
  • Great price
  • Feet are positioned too far back on the platform



Loggy Bayou’s ownership transfers from one owner to another did not damage its reputation. Rather, it facilitated the creation of a unique blend of various treestand models under one brand, as every owner who bought the company had created and launched their signature design and style of treestands.

However, all the Loggy Bayou tree stands had one thing in common, they all had a maximum weight-bearing capacity of under 300 lbs.