Who Makes the Best Climbing Tree Stands? Top 3 Climber Tree Stand Manufacturers

Hunting, especially deer hunting, is an extremely popular pastime for many people all around the world. However, for some, it is way more than just a pastime. It is their passion and an integral part of who they are as a person.

Nonetheless, it is a dangerous sport that requires hunters and hobbyists to have the proper gear and accessories that will ensure their safety at all costs.

There is no substitute for quality and reliability when it comes to life-threatening sports like hunting and tree climbing.

Tree Climbing is an essential part of hunting in deep woods and jungles. Hunters require to jump from one tree to another in search of a perfect spot from where they can have a clear view of their prey and thus, can make a direct shot.

For this purpose, you require strong, stable, and high-quality climbing tree stands. Using these, you can efficiently climb your tree and comfortably shoot while seated on the tree stand seats.

Hence, in this article, we will be discussing the brands that make the best climbing tree stands of the greatest quality with exceptional features, ensuring a safe hunt.

Who Makes the Best Climbing Tree Stands?


1. Summit Treestands

Who Makes The Best Climbing Tree Stand

It is no surprise that at the top of our list, we have the Summit Tree stands. This is a leading brand in hunting gear, especially Tree stands, and for decades has been supplying hunters with the most silent, safe, comfortable, and concealed climbing Tree stands.

These ensure your tree stands remain hidden in the trees as they have the ability to camouflage with the branches of the trees. One of the most attractive features, however, is that these tree stands boast a five-year warranty, ensuring the users of their durability and long lifespan,

Moreover, these climbing tree stands are effectively designed to satisfy the high-quality standards set by the Tree stands Manufacturers Association.

This is evident through its exceptional features. One of the most important features is their ‘SummitLokt’ technology.

Due to this technology, the climbing Tree stands have a locked construction, meaning that their joints are first locked and then welded. This reduces the pressure on the joints and increases the stability of the stands.

In addition to this, all stands are welded through the strongest aluminum, ensuring maximum strength.

Apart from this, Summit tree stands are also known for their extremely quiet operation. Their Dead Metal Sound technology helps in minimizing the sound of the metal by filling the critical areas with foam.

In addition to this, the extremely fast cable retention system also ensures that you can quickly slide your treestand seat up and down with minimal sound.

These features greatly assist in keeping you concealed from the prey. Furthermore, the seats are also very comfortable with ergonomically shaped stirrups, ideal for any kind of boot.

Thus, Summit is a brand that never disappoints. Although it is hard to choose, our favorite Summit product is the Viper SD Climbing Tree stand due to its great portability and comfort with cushioned seats and armrest.

Moreover, it is extremely affordable. This brings us to another thing we love about Summit – its affordability.


2. OL’MAN By Millennium

Who Makes The Best Climbinf Tree Satnds

At number two on our list is OL’MAN. With their versatile and lightweight design, great portability, and innovative features, these climbing tree stands are engineered to perform and last longer.

In addition to their praiseworthy durability, they provide the best value for your money and the one-year warranty assures the hunters of its high quality and lengthy lifespan.

However, one of its most attractive features; is its portability. These tree stands are not only extremely lightweight but also have a folded design which allows being carried from one place to another easily.

These tree stands fold virtually flat and thus, can be carried in your backpacks.

Apart from the portability, these treestands are also very comfortable. They use the ComforTech mesh design in their seating system. This allows the seats to cradle the user and wait comfortably for their prey and shoot with ease and comfort.

One of the greatest concerns for hunters while using climbing tree stands is their safety. However, they do not need to worry about that with OL’MAN as every climbing tree stand comes with a five-point full harness that greatly ensures safety.

Additionally, there is a DVD and instructional manual which will also greatly help you in having a safe hunt.

These climbing tree stands are certified as safe and secure by the Tree stands Manufacturers Association.

Thus, OL’MAN is committed to providing you with the best hunting experience with climbing tree stands that are engineered to perform, excel and satisfy the expectations of the hunters.

Our favorite product from OL’MAN is the Alumalite CTS which gives a great performance during crossbow hunting and is an excellent representation of all the features discussed above.


3. Lone Wolf

Who Makes The Best Climbing Tree Stand

Last but not least on our list is Lone Wolf. This is a leading American brand in the hunting industry and provides one of the best hunting gear. It is especially known for its climbing tree stands. They have everything we want in a comfortable climbing tree stand.

With cushioned seats and a bar for holding your rifle if you are rifle hunting. You have the option to remove the bar if you are bow hunting, adding to your ease and comfort.

Moreover, the color of the cushion is similar to that of the tree bark, increasing the ability of the tree stand to camouflage with the trees and remain concealed.

Moreover, these stands are of great quality and are made of strong metals, having the ability to cushion hunters with large and heavy bodies weighing up to 350 pounds. Another attractive feature about this; is its lightweight design and portability.

They have a very compact design that can be easily folded and carried from one tree to another with no difficulty. However, what we love most about Lone Wolf is the fact that they have detailed videos on their website for each of their climbing tree stands.

This makes the setup and operation of the treestand extremely simple.

Our top Lone Wolf stand is the Sit and Climb Combo II Tree stand for its lightweight design, comfortable cushioned seats with roomy space, and durability and portability.



Hunting can prove to be a dangerous sport. Thus, it is essential to have the best quality hunting gear, especially climbing tree stands.

Thus, in this article, we have highlighted the most reliable brands for climbing tree stands which not only make stands of the best quality but also those which and designed to provide the best performance with extreme comfort.

These brands include Summit Tree stands, OL’MAN by Millennium, and Lone Wolf. Each brand has a reputable name in the hunting gear industry and excels in its own way.

Thus, by purchasing a tree stand from any one of these brands, the first and most crucial step of your hunting journey is complete and too with great effectiveness!