What is The Best Way to Carry a Climbing Tree Stand?

Innovative technology is continually developing every day, bringing a lot more ease and comfort into the everyday life of individuals.

Climbing tree stands are a unique technology that allows hunters and climbing enthusiasts to leave their cumbersome climbing sticks and ladders at home.

Moreover, they allow them to look at their surroundings from a higher spot, making it easier to cover more ground and hide well when hunting.

Thus, users enjoy this equipment as it can give them an excellent spot to hide from their target animals, comfortably hunt, and enjoy the view.

Although using the equipment is easy, comfortable, and fun, many people might struggle to carry it around. As hunters put their lives in the hands of this man-made tool, these stands are designed to be extremely strong.

For this reason, heavy-duty metals like aluminum and steel are used for their construction. As a result, climbing treestands weigh around 20-30 pounds which is not light enough for many to carry around.

Carrying the weight of your backpack and the stand can be a real challenge. It might seem easy to carry one on your back and the other in your hand, but it can cause serious back and shoulder pains.

Uneven weight distribution when you carry stuff in one hand while nothing in the other is why you can have serious pains. Therefore, most hunters prepare themselves in the off-season by carrying heavyweights to the gym.

This makes it easier to carry double the weight during long hunting sessions in rugged terrains.

Best Way To Carry a Climbing Tree Stand

In addition to extra gym practice, there are also some other ways to avoid the uneven distribution of weight to best carry your climbing tree stand and a backpack.

In this article, we will be discussing the best ways to carry your climbing tree stand while on long hunting trips.

1. Balance the Load 

You can balance the uneven weight on your shoulders by carrying the weight on both shoulders. To balance the uneven weight on your back, you can distribute it by wearing the backpack in the front on your chest and wearing the stand on your back.

Having weight on the front will avoid the weight pulling you back, and it will also prevent any pains or injury. However, walking with weight on your chest and your back might be comfortable for some people, and it may be more tiring, so you will have to take breaks and rest more.

2. Use padded shoulder straps 

You can purchase padded shoulder straps or harness that is easily available in the market and attach them to your stand. You would require a backpack with wider straps to attach the climbing tree stand with it; once attached, they will be easy to carry.

However, this increases the weight you will carry on your back with the padded shoulder straps, hence, increasing the risk of back pains and injuries.

You can also use special backpack straps that do not dig into your shoulders and lift your bag high up, keeping it from banging on your legs.

3. Reduce weight

Reduce the weight you’re carrying and remove unnecessary items from your backpack, making it lightweight. You can also carry the smaller items in the pockets of your clothing and reduce the weight in the backpack.

It is always advised to carry items that can fit in your pockets. Another way to reduce weight is to purchase a safety harness that has a lot of pockets. This can greatly reduce the need for a backpack and enable you to carry your hunting gear in your harness pockets.

Moreover, fanny packs can also be used as a good alternative for backpacks. These are ideal for smaller items. Items such as clothes that do not fit into the pockets can be secured to the tree stand using bungee cords.

This is the most convenient way, and as you can ditch the backpack, you will only have the climbing tree stand to carry around hence reducing the burden.

4. Attach Backpack to Climbing Stand with Hip and Chest Straps

The last but not the least way to comfortably carry your climbing tree stand is to attach it to carry it on your back and attach the backpack to the stand using hip and chest straps.

However, for this, it is a must that your backpack has even weight distribution, or else you will lose your balance and fall. After you are sure that there is even weight distribution, place the shoulder straps over the top of the stand and buckle the chest straps on the bottom.

Once you have tightly attached the stand, strap it on, and you are ready for your journey!



Carrying important things with you when you go hunting is essential, but you cannot compromise your health. There are many ways how you can carry your weight.

Try them out, and see what works the best for you. The best method that decreases your shoulder’s burden yet allows you to walk comfortably is the best. 

Furthermore, it is always good to regularly exercise and prepare your body to carry such weights in the off-season. Stretching your muscles will allow you to be more comfortable and active while you go out for a hunt. 

Lastly, it is crucial only to carry really important things for you to take along. Packing items that are of no use will only make it difficult for you to hike and enjoy along the way.

Climbing tree stands are seen as the best friend of a bow hunter because people enjoy using them. If you are new to it, you should take your time and get used to carrying and using the equipment, because once you do, only then you will be able to enjoy it.

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