8 Best Deer Hunting Books of All Time Every Hunter Must Read in 2023

When it comes to hunting and hunting right, you may need all the resources at your disposal. As a hunter, your target is going to be a living, running, and unpredictable being. And you might hear stories about failed hunting attempts and their consequences.

It’s always better not to take a chance and always keep yourself informed of all the pro-hunting tactics that only the best hunting books can teach you.

While hunting, you might face many obstacles if you don’t know where to hit, what to target, and when to press the trigger.

After all, before you set out into the wild, you would need to learn the hunting essentials, and this is where youtube videos or podcasts come in handy. But here is the thing, all these are secondary sources of deer hunting knowledge.

The primary source is the books! Plus, books are filled with hunting essentials and versatile experiences of hunters who are driven by their never-ending thirst to learn more about deer and its hunting.

So, if you wish to upgrade your hunting game, pick up a book, partner!

8 Best Deer Hunting Books for Every Huntsman Out There!

Reading a book before the hunting season even starts is like securing advance kills.

The age-old resources will always succeed you in diving deep into the realm of hunting. Books are the best friends for those fully committed to becoming the best hunters.

Therefore, if you want to learn the big and small of hunting, check out these eight best deer Hunting Books and upgrade your game!

"Precision Bowhunting" by John and Chris Eberhart

"Mapping Trophy Bucks" by Brad Herndon

"Big Bucks the Benoit Way" by Bryce M. Towsley

"The Whitetail Addicts Manual" by T.R. Michaels

"A Hunter’s Heart" edited by David Petersen

"Whitetail Savvy" by Dr Leonard Lee Rue III

"Hunting Big Woods Bucks" by Hal Blood

"Whitetail Success by Design" by Jeff Sturgis



1. “Precision Bowhuntingby John and Chris Eberhart 



What does it take to become a good hunter? What does hunting actually mean? And, why is learning the basics of taking on mature whitetails important? John and Chris Eberhart answer all these questions in their book Precision Bowhunting.

According to the authors, hunting is one story that never ends, even when the season ends. Because when you are not hunting, you are preparing for one.

The authors are well-experienced whitetail deer hunters. They come from the densely hunted state of Michigan.

John Eberhart knows his game all too well and has a score of twenty-one kills! He has the state record! His deer hunting experiences have been featured in high-ranking publications, such as Michigan Out-of-Doors, Deer & Deer Hunting, and Woods-n-Water.

This book is no exception to his forte and details the way a deer responds to hunting pressure and similar threats. John emphasizes the need to understand the bigger picture to learn and anticipate the next move. He pens that by learning how a deer moves, you will be able to shoot your bullet straight into the target!

By reading this book, prepare well, scout like a pro, and hunt like a trendsetter!




2. “Mapping Trophy Bucks by Brad Herndon




Hunting comes with a lot of things. It isn’t simply aiming and scoring kills. Hunting involves knowing the area well. You need to understand the geological features and vegetation cover; all these factors will influence deer behavior.

Knowing these things means understanding when to attack, anticipating deer movement, and landing the right shot. And if you want the answers to all these things, check out Mapping Trophy Bucks by Brad Herndon.

This book is Herndon’s introductory resource to the topics mentioned earlier and one of the best deer hunting books out there.

In this book, Herndon makes it easier for the hunters to outline maps and read topographic and aerial maps.

He details the various ways to identify characteristics, namely points, inside corners, ridgelines, and saddles, and how to relate all these alien-sounding names to deer. Herndon pens all these features together and connects them to the hunting areas.

He states that understanding all these areas will enable the hunters to learn how to set up their gear and shooting range and effectively hunt in these areas while considering and anticipating deer behavior along with other factors, such as wind and weather conditions.




3. “Big Bucks the Benoit Wayby Bryce M. Towsley




Nothing helps a hunter to learn, the correct way of hunting, better than the experience of another huntsman.

After all, a well-experienced hunter with a massive portfolio of kills will know all the keen and neat tricks to earn kills and swiftly scout the hunting region like a pro. Such a concept is adapted and detailed in the form of big bucks the Benoit way by Bryce M. Towsley. 

The author, Towsley, uses his experience to help fellow hunters track down big bucks in big wild woods.

According to Bryce, once you know how to track big bucks, you can learn a lot about hunting. By understanding deer habits, hunters can hunt effectively and anticipate deer behavior in various weather and day-to-night conditions.

Learn all the deer hunting secrets from America’s First Family of Whitetail Hunting.




4. “The Whitetail Addicts Manual by T.R. Michaels 


As a hunter, if you want to learn all the proven methods and techniques for hunting whitetail deer, check out the Whitetail Addicts Manual by T.R. Michaels.

The author, T.R. Michaels, is a pro hunter with many kills to his name. His deep understanding of deer anatomy and behavior helps him scout and hunt like a master. He has translated his extensive knowledge into this book.

This book will help fellow hunters to learn how to predict deer behavior and read the various signs flashed and left by whitetail.

Knowing such details will enable you to look for the right coverage against the sharp senses of deer, avoid detection, attract deer with suitable methods, and successfully hunt them down like a pro.




5. “A Hunter’s Heart edited by David Petersen




This book should be a must for all hunters, not just deer hunters but hunters of any kind. This fantastic book is a collection of essays by the field’s most famous pro-hunters.

These writers have explored all sorts of aspects of hunting and various strategies. They have detailed our connections to the land, the realities of the hunt, and the ethics of blood sport.

Some writers include well-known hunters such as Richard K. Nelson, Terry Tempest Williams, Edward Abbey, Jimmy Carter, Tom Beck, David Peterson, Rick Bass, Tom McGuane, Barry Lopez, Jim Fergus, and Peter Matthiessen.

Reading the essays written by these hunters will genuinely help you understand the various challenges of deer hunting.

The guidelines are easy to read, enjoyable, and inspiring, and some are even challenging. But overall, this book truly helps the hunter to thoroughly understand what it really means to become a hunter and hunt. 




6. “Whitetail Savvy” by Dr Leonard Lee Rue III




Despite the seemingly big name, this book is one of the best deer hunting books out there. It has some of the most extensive and exciting facts about deer and deer behavior.

The author, Dr Leonard Lee Rue III, is a hunter who has deeply engaged in the study and environment of whitetail deer. He ventured into the wild to understand the deer’s unpredictable and sometimes challenging behaviors.

To him, deer anatomy and behavior come naturally, and he has detailed all of his experience in great detail in his book the Whitetail Savvy: New Research and Observations about the Deer, America’s Most Popular Big-Game Animal.

This deer hunting book comes with never-before-published content on the versatile habits and particulars of the wily deer. It deserves a place on your reading list.




7. “Hunting Big Woods Bucks by Hal Blood




If you want to learn the key to success and adventure in the big woods, check out Hunting Big Woods Bucks; secrets of tracking and stalking whitetails by Hal Blood.

This book is a game changer that will truly enlighten you with the secrets of the big woods and big bucks!

The author, Hal Blood, knows a great deal about deer hunting as he is a pro hunter and guide in Maine. He has been extensively tracking big Maine deer for many years.

His motivation to track big bucks and record his experience for other hunters has truly earned him the title of a master guide.

Throughout his guiding career, Hal Blood has preached about a system for success which he has detailed in this book. He explains many methods and techniques to take out deer in Maine’s massive, wild woods.

He teaches fellow hunters to put the odds in their favor in big and unknown woods. Moreover, he teaches hunters how to track deer in the woods and when to strike and cover. He teaches all the techniques necessary to avoid detection, and score kills in the wild woods.

Furthermore, in this book, Hal Blood enlightens his readers with the right gear to use to conquer the big woods.

He details all the equipment that has earned him kills. His tried, and test gear has taken him a long way throughout his career.

If you want to venture into the wild, you need the proper equipment to help you score kills. Plus, the right gear will help you battle your fear of big woods and the wild.




8. “Whitetail Success by Design by Jeff Sturgis




There is so much to learn about deer hunting. From picking the right gear to understanding deer habitat. The topics are endless and extensive, and if you are genuinely committed to understanding your game and scoring a bunch of kills, check out Whitetail Success by Design, written by Jeff Sturgis.

The author, Jeff Sturgis, talks about many things, most importantly, deer habitat. He has spent years designing whitetail properties and has written in detail about hunting and managing deer on private properties and public lands.

When hunting deer, it is essential to know where they eat, sleep and wander around. Knowing their bedding places and natural habitats is like adding multiple advantages to your game.

You don’t want the deer to feel pressured or to react in a way that is entirely unpredictable and challenging for you. Therefore, as a hunter, check out this book and learn where to set up your treestand or saddle.

Moreover, knowing where to scout, avoid detection, and counter bucks without being seen would be more straightforward to you once you read through the pages of this book.

Jeff’s tremendous experience will help you learn how to hunt on public lands, which includes knowing the various procedures, laws, and rules of the public land.

Once you know all these things, the game will be more accessible and exciting.



Wrapping Up:

These best deer hunting books are some of the best samples out there that are truly going to inspire you to hunt like a pro.

Add them to your library and enhance your deer hunting knowledge. These books will teach you a million things, from deer hunting to scouting.

They will genuinely help you to analyze and predict deer behavior. Knowing the right strategies to hunt, deer anatomy, hunting areas, and the ideal hunting conditions will genuinely assist you in your overall hunting season.

After all, as we mentioned before, when you are not hunting, you are preparing for it.

Read these books and become an expert, for reading every page means making it a quick shot for the buck and a safe and happy hunting season for you, fellow hunters.

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