Do Crows Scare Deer Away? | Crow and Deer Relationship

As a hunter, you would need everything at your disposal to scout and hunt effectively. Hence, one way to become an experienced hunter is to listen to the sounds of the woods!

Why? It’s because the woods are thick with the noises of animals. The wild animals will often share their discomfort or surprise by making sounds.

And guess what? You can use these sounds as locators of wild bucks and does! Chickadees, turkeys, hawks, and crows will vocalize their fear when disturbed or startled by a deer.

Therefore, if a hunter learns how to read and pay attention to Mother Nature’s language, they will be one step ahead of the game and able to choose a target based on the noise in the area.

Here’s a secret, a crow will give out a long staccato call when it sees a deer or a human approach. You can use it to your advantage or let the crow give away your presence to the suspicious deer!


But What Exactly Is a Crow and Deer Relationship?

More than facts and useful information, there are plenty of myths when it comes to the relationship between crows and deer. However, something is going on for sure.

A well-known fact is that when a crow sees a turkey, it is going to make a sound. Hunters use this call to locate turkeys. For animals like deer and turkeys, ravens and crows are the forest troublemakers; and sometimes, they can cause a big problem for the hunters as well!

As a well-experienced woodsman, you need to listen to the crows. Many experts rely on the crows for a lot of useful information when it comes to hunting. And it does help and works perfectly well for a lot of hunters.

For example, a hunter shared that while exploring a local hunting spot near his place, he was quite surprised to witness a glimpse of a crow and deer relationship.

He heard a crow’s call. He followed the sound and found quite a racket near the lake. To his surprise, the crow croaked louder, and this time a deer splashed into the lake and disappeared into the darkness. It was amusing!

This experience further solidified the theory that crows can give away deer’s location with loud calls. Thus, as hunters, you can use these calls to pinpoint the game.


So, Do Crows Follow Deer?

Long story short, like most birds, a crow can sense danger and potential predators. To it, a human and deer are predators.

Hence, when it sees either of them, it’s going to make lots of noise. Experts suggest that crows do not follow a deer until the predator is near its territory.


Do Crows Scare Deer Away?

And when it comes to deer hunting, a crow’s sound can signal an advantage or a disadvantage. If hunters find a crow flying over their hunting grounds, they should take it as a good sign; because crows mean deer or other animals are close by.

However, if a crow lands right near your treestand and starts making all that noisy sound, it is going to make things very difficult for you.

For one, the crows will squeal when they spot a deer to alert other crows in the area; if they do it near your deer stand, it will give away your hiding spot. Thus, scaring the deer away!

Secondly, while a single crow won’t scare deer away, a bunch of them could. Birds don’t scare deer away, but their sound could.

Moreover, a murder of crows might scare a deer away in no time. This usually happens because loud and sudden sounds alert deer. And all of this might scare the deer away from your hunting spot.


Therefore, Will Deer Come Around Crows?

To simplify, a deer will come around an individual crow, but if there’s a bunch of them, it won’t. A single crow and its call is just background noise for a deer.

A hunter can use the call of a crow to predict a deer’s movement. While hunting, use the woods and the crow’s squawk to know whether a deer is nearby.

Following the crows might even lead you to your target. Once you locate a deer, use your surroundings to blend in and cover yourself.

Finding the proper position allows you to wait, aim and shoot effectively! It all works in your favor.


What to Do to Deter Crows From your Hunting Area?

There’s not much you can do to keep crows away from your hunting ground, as hunting spots are usually natural habitats for them.

If you are stuck with a hunting spot that is overcrowded with crows, there are certain methods you can use to get rid of them.

For example, setting up owls would work as scarecrows as owls are natural predators of crows. Therefore, this will work as a perfect decoy.

Another method is to set up fake dead crows. This will scare the crows away and prevent them from crowding near your treestand.

Another method is to use loud noises to scare away the crows before you go out to hunt. Doing it before the hunting season can spook the crows away. However, doing it during the hunt can scare away the deer. Therefore, it isn’t as effective of a method as the other two.


Wrapping Up

Crows can scare deer away. Especially if the crows are in large numbers and their murder is extremely loud. Their sudden squawks might alert the deer and make it hyper-aware of its surroundings.

If the crow squawks near your treestand, it might give away your position. Therefore, it is best to take up measures such as using scarecrows.

Using crow squawks to indicate the deer’s location may help you locate the target.

This factor will make hunting exciting and easy for you. You can even use mineral blocks or salt licks to divert a deer’s attention away from a crow. Happy hunting!

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