Do Deer Eat Millet? | Types of Millet Deer Like

One of the most adaptable animals in our nature is the deer, found in multiple surroundings but especially in forested habitats.

As deer hunters, we all know deer are herbivores with a diet consisting primarily of grasses, crops, vegetation, and nuts. But, one fact most of us might not know is that deer usually change their diet according to the season due to their changing needs.

The big question we are going to answer today is whether millet is a part of a dear’s diet.

Millets are a group of small-seeded grasses attractive to a range of wildlife including deer. It is a crop that is drought-resistant and needs low upkeep.

Millets are usually found in Africa and Asia plus it is considered a very important crop in these regions. They are essential because millets grow fast and in harsh conditions too. Millets are rich in carbohydrates and protein, making them a good source of energy.

Millets can also be found in the United States. Three types of Millet, i.e. Proso, Foxtail and Pearl, grow in the USA.

To answer the big question, YES, deer love to eat millet, especially when they are young and in need of nourishment. Deer prefer millet due to it being a good energy source and its sweet and nutty flavor. 

Why Do Deer Eat Millet?

  1. Millet contains high protein levels which makes it necessary for the development and nourishment of young deer.
  2. Millet is low in fat and high in fiber which keeps the digestive system functioning well.
  3. Millet is rich in carbohydrates which produces energy and keeps them energetic. 
  4. Millet has many vitamins and minerals which are generally good for their health as well. 
  5. Millet seeds can help deer survive in winter by keeping their temperature normal which in short helps them to escape predators and run around great distances.


What is the Right Time to Feed Millet to Deer?

Firstly, Millet should only be fed in late summer to early fall.

Secondly, the plant should be fed to deer at its full growth but don’t wait too long before it starts to dry out.

Once it starts drying out, it will lose all the nutrition and become indigestible for them to eat. 


Types of Millet

  1. Japanese Millet
  2. Pearl Millet
  3. Ornamental Millet
  4. Foxtail Millet
  5. White Millet
  6. Brown Top Millet
  7. Proso Millet


What Type of Millet Do Deer Eat?

Deer can eat all types of millet. They can eat Japanese millet; they can eat brown top millet. You name a variety, and they will eat it. 


Amount of Millet Suitable for a Deer

There is no doubt that millet is a food filled with nutrition, but it cannot be the whole diet of a deer.

If you have a deer as a pet and it does not eat millet already then add it to its diet slowly in small amounts else, you should feed them one to two pounds a day to keep them healthy. 



In short, Yes, millet is a very suitable and healthy food for deer, and they do consume it. As it is very attractive to deer due to its high protein level, high carbohydrates, different types of vitamins, and minerals, and sweet, nutty taste.

Millets keep their digestive functions healthy, keep them energetic, help fawns (baby deer) grow and keep them secure during cold weather. 

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