Best Self Climber Tree Stand in 2024 [Unbiased Reviews]

Tree Stands are an essential part of the hunting gear. They make hunting in the wild safe and convenient by decreasing the risk of hunting accidents.

There are various types of Tree Stands out there. While some, such as hang on and ladder stands, use climbing sticks and ropes for climbing, others are self-sufficient.

In this article, we have listed the Best Self Climber Tree Stands available in the market. We have compiled our list after extensive research, and each of these stands is a favorite among users for their impressive durability and high quality.

Best Self Climber Tree Stand

1. Summit Treestands Self-Climbing Titan SD

  • Closed-Front Climber

  • Weight: 25 lbs

  • Weight Bearing Capacity: 350 lbs

  • Large Seat Area

  • Foam Padded backrest

  • Summit Dead Metal Technology

  • Efficient Cable Retention System

2. Summit Treestands Self-Climbing Goliath SD

  • Closed-Front Climber

  • Weight: 21 lbs

  • Weight Bearing Capacity: 350 lbs

  • Large Cushioned Seat Area

  • Foam Padded backrest

  • Very Quiet

  • Efficient Cable Retention System

3. Summit Treestands Self Climbing Viper SD (Realtree)

  • Closed-Front Climber

  • Weight: 20 lbs (extremely lightweight)

  • Cushioned Seats

  • Padded Backrests and Arm Rests

  • Straps for self-climbing

  • Safety Harness Included



1. Summit Self Climbing Hunting Tree Stand Titan SD


Best Self Climber Treestands




  • Brand: Summit Treestands
  • Stand Type: Closed-Front Climber
  • Stand Weight: 25 lbs


The Titan SD from Summit Treestands is one of the best climbing Tree Stands available. It is ideal in terms of comfort, safety, and concealment. It has a maximum weight-bearing capacity of 350 pounds.

Moreover, despite its large size, it is portable and easy to carry from one hunting site to another. Another very attractive feature about this is the level of comfort it offers.

The seating area is well cushioned and fully padded to ensure that hunters experience no discomfort when using the stand for long periods.

In addition to this, with the Summit Dead Metal Technology, Titan SD is one of the sturdiest and quietest climbing treestands. It helps with the concealment of the hunters.

The extremely efficient cable retention system has a great advantage as hunters can easily climb up and down the tree with little noise and without sticks.

The climbing stirrups are designed to fit any boot type and ensure your boot remains attached to the platform for a safe climb. Other impressive features like the full-body harness and tether straps included adding to the convenience and safety of this self-climber stand.

The only downside is its weight and price tag. It weighs heavier than most climbing tree stands and is also very expensive. However, you will not regret spending your money on this self-climber tree stand with its impressive features.




2. Summit Self Climbing Goliath SD Tree Stand





  • Brand: Summit
  • Weight Bearing Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Stand Weight: 21 lbs


Number two on our list is another one from Summit Tree Stands. The Self Climbing Goliath SD has the same design as the Titan model. It has large, spacious seating, which is foam-padded to ensure comfort.

The extra space makes this a very convenient option by allowing hunters to bring in their weapons and comfortably use them.

Moreover, they also come with a backrest and armrest for added comfort. However, what makes it stand out, is that despite its large size and ability to hold up to 300 pounds of weight, it is extremely lightweight.

The Goliath SD only weighs 21 pounds. This adds to the portability of the self-climbing tree stand.

Moreover, similar to Titan, it is extremely durable with aluminum construction, and the cable retention system ensures hunters self-climb efficiently.

This makes it ideal for self-climbing. The adjustable buckles also allow flexibility and move around in search of the perfect position to hunt from.

The Goliath SD is also not an exception to the quietness of the Summit Tree stands. With the help of expanding foam, the sounds of metal scraping are kept to a minimum. This makes sure that the hunter remains hidden from the prey.

The only drawback with Goliath is that although it is more portable and cheaper than the Titan tree stand, it is not very spacious.

This can be a problem for self-climbers and hunters who wish to carry equipment on the stands, such as gun rests, cameras, and rifles. Nonetheless, it is an affordable and convenient self-climbing tree option.




3. Summit Self Climbing Hunting Tree Stand Viper SD (Realtree)





  • Brand: Summit Treestands
  • Stand Type: Closed-Front Climber
  • Stand Weight: 20lbs.


The last but not the least on our list is also from Summit Tree Stands. The Sef-Climbing Viper SD tree stand is one of the most popular Summit Tree stands. Known for its comfort and portability, it is ideal for hunters and wildlife photographers.

Moreover, this stand is unique from others because it works both as a stand-up climber and a sit-down climber.

This stand also comes more or less assembled, with the users only having to attach the seat to the tree stand, which makes it a very convenient option as it ensures flexibility.

Another attractive feature is that it is one of the lightest climbing tree stands, weighing only 20 pounds, making it very easy to carry around from one hunting site to another. In addition to portability, it is also very comfortable with padded armrests, backrests, and cushioned seats.

The back straps installed for safety are also adjustable and flexible, ensuring that the users do not feel any discomfort. Moreover, hunters can easily self-climb the tree stand with the efficient cable retention system without any safety risk.

The Safety harness included in the purchase further amplifies the safety of this tree stand.

The only drawback to this is that it is not quite like the others. Although it is also from Summit and equipped with the Dead Metal Technology, it is not as quiet as the others. Moreover, it is also small in size and has less seating area.



Buyer’s Guide

It isn’t easy to choose the most suitable self-climbing tree stand for yourself out of the plethora of available options. Therefore, we have designed a buyer’s guide for you, highlighting some of the most important factors that one must consider before purchasing.

Easy Climbing

Quality is the first and foremost thing you should be looking for in your self-climbing tree stand. The tree stand should allow you to slide up and down the stand easily. There should be an efficient cable retention system that allows smooth movement of the tree stand. 


Another very important factor is safety. Your safety should be your priority when purchasing a self-climbing stand. You must ensure that the tree stand is equipped with safety features, including a full-body safety harness.

In addition to this, the straps should be adjustable to hold the user securely.


Your tree stand must provide you with comfort. Most hunters and wildlife photographers sit in their stands for hours, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take their shot.

Thus, it is essential that stands come with padded backrests and cushioned seats, or else it will be difficult for them to stay put for long periods.


The last but not the least factor in our buyer’s guide is the stand’s portability. Hunters must move around a lot from one hunting site to another. In addition, to carrying their treestand, they also have other hunting equipment.

Therefore, the stand must be lightweight and portable.


One of the favorite Tree Stands among hunters and tree-climbing enthusiasts are the Self Climber Treestand. These tree stands are convenient and easy to use as users do not require extra equipment like ropes and climbing sticks to safely and efficiently climb the trees.

In this article, we have listed our top three currently available in the market. All three come from Summit Tree stands and are known for their durability and reliability. We are hopeful that out of these three, you will be able to find the most suitable one for yourself.

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